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Hi! My name is Grigori, and I'm a coin collector living in Moscow, Russia. Coin collecting is one of my hobbies. I like not only trading itself but also making new friends from all over the world in the course of trading (and sometimes visiting them later!).

If you are a collector like me, let's see if we have coins to swap. The preferred way is one-to-one swap. I don't worry about coin value difference unless it is too big. Meantime, I prefer to trade silver coins for silver and commemorative for commemorative.

Below you'll find a list of doubles I have for trade. I have also some banknotes which I'd like to trade for coins or other banknotes.

As for me, I'm interested in all different coin types that I haven't yet (the list of all coins I have is available on request). The special (but non-restrictive) emphasis is on

  • inexpensive coins (within several US dollars);
  • coins of past 100 years;
  • European coins minted during and between two World Wars (1914-1945), in particular occupation coins;
  • coins with faces of political leaders, artists, and other outstanding people;
  • coins I just like I don't know why!
Usually I'm not interested very much in coin subtypes (coins with/without a mintmark or a mintmaster mark, or coins with plain/non-plain edge, or other coin pairs with non-easily visible differences). However, every rule has its exceptions!

Let me know what you have for trade and we'll find what to swap!

This site contains also coin show (and trade) pages. They are extended as long as I scan my coins:

If you need any assistance in identification of Russian or Japanese coins or banknotes, including denomination and year, just send me the picture, and I'll be happy to help you!

You can contact me via e-mail:
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